James G. March  

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“Beauty is as elusive as truth. Many enormously thoughtful people have tried to provide an understanding of the architecture and appreciation of beauty, and anyone who has read Aristotle is conscious of the complications of aesthetics. Appreciating the elegance and evocativeness of ideas demands a nuanced and sensitive ability to impose standards while constructing them. It is essential to experiment with new components of beauty, even while embracing old ones. Imagining, identifying, reconstructing, and celebrating an aesthetic of ideas about organizations is an unending project… The scholar who seeks beauty in ideas, despite the unbearable lightness of the search—or perhaps because of it—affirms an essential element of humanity”.  James G. March, In praise of beauty, (2013).

We are collecting memories 

Jim March, a pioneer of organization and management theory, a recognized social scientist, an inspiring intellectual, and an exceptional human being.

This is a place to celebrate Jim March, share a funny story, and gather together as a family and a community of people who wish to say good-bye. 


We are collecting stories and cherished wisdom inspired by Jim and we invite you to contribute short notes, insights, and reflections of your memory with him. In addition, we are collecting longer-form essays that you would like to share with this community of people who have loved Jim, worked with him, learned from him and were directly or indirectly inspired by him over the many decades. We also wish to collect photos, notes, videos, and audio recordings of or with him. 

With sufficient contributions, we may have an opportunity to publish the essays, stories, and reflections in a collection, the Jim March Collection, summarizing our collective memory of him and what he meant to us.


Share a memory, a story, an insight, words of wisdom. For longer-form contributions, you can attach files to the message or contact us directly. We can email out the contributions you want to share privately with the rest of the community.


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